Client Testimonials

ADK is happy to furnish you with multiple industry-specific references. While we could easily list multiple client quotes and letters of recommendation that have been written about us, these references are only furnished upon request to qualified new prospective clients. Many of our references have been exclusively partnering with ADK 15+ years. Please call + 1 973 895 4700 Ext. 203 or email us for additional information.

Debtor Testimonials

As our company motto is Maximum Collected and Goodwill Protected, we take great pride in professionally mending & sustaining relations between our clients and their customers by “bridging the gap” ultimately repairing & strengthening the business relationship. In fact, debtors welcome our contact and usually pay us quicker than their other debts. Our specialty is recovering lost revenue without alienating your customers.

Several debtor companies have expressed their sincere gratitude and have complimented the staff of ADK regarding our sincerity and professionalism while helping them with their financial situation. We may provide you debtor company references as well.

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