Fee Structure


All fees are contingent upon collection, regardless of claim age, and are on a per claim basis.


Demand service, upon client request


on amounts placed over $500


on amounts placed below $500


on all international placements

Merchandise returns and/or account reconciliation fees are 12% on domestic amounts and 17% on international amounts.

What is an account reconciliation fee? We, as most collection firms will assess a reduced account reconciliation/discovery fee of 12% on such situations. An account reconciliation/discovery is when through the efforts of our office it is determined that either; the debt has already been previously paid by obtaining proof of payment, is invalid, the balance is waived due to a deal struck directly with the client and debtor and/or we uncover there is a zero-balance due on the account whereby the account should have not been placed for collections. The same fee applies for misapplied payments, misapplied credits, or we uncover billing errors amounts resulting in a lesser amount due.

Legal Services


On all domestic amounts collected


On all international amounts collected

Additional charges and fees may be requested by attorneys for court costs, suit fees, advance costs, and in some instances, a retainer.

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