About Us

Since our inception in 2000, the president of our company, being in the industry since 1993, has maintained an extremely active ownership and management role, and continues to do so today. Additionally, our company has an average employee tenure exceeding 15 years.

What distinguishes us from our competition?

As we are specialists within your industry, when accounts are reffered to us, unlike our competition, we can quickly diagnose the dynamics as to why the account is past due. We manage our clients’ accounts receivable from an Industry Perspective. What this means to you is we can anticipate and overcome all disputes, obstacles, and dynamics allowing us to recover your delinquent revenue not only faster but also at a much higher percentage than our competition.

Whether your accounts receivable situation requires a soft friendly reminder approach using our diplomatic-audit type customer service representation, or you require an immediate lawsuit to be filed, all our proven methods of recovery are highly customizable and we will professionally accommodate your situation and request. We are consistently on a relentless pursuit of your accounts receivable to get you paid first, while always preserving the good reputation your company has established with your customer.

We are an accredited and proud member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC). The IACC is an international trade association comprised of commercial accounts receivable management specialists located throughout the world. To become a member of the IACC, commercial accounts receivable management companies must pass and abide by a set of rigorous and stringent standards regarding a Code of Ethics, professionalism, experienced owners, and financial bonding. The IACC will also check client references of all accredited members. Abrams, Davis & Keller, Inc. has met these requirements and has been a longstanding member for several years.

Additionally, our company is fully bonded, insured, and we also maintain a separate blanket client trust bond for additional client protection.

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