Abrams, Davis & Keller, Inc.

Abrams, Davis & Keller, Inc. (ADK) is a premier full service domestic and international commercial accounts receivable management and dispute resolution firm founded in 2000 and is built upon over 100 years of professional experience. We are an established and highly respected boutique firm, with an impeccable reputation providing highly specialized services to select commercial industries. We also offer customer service representation where we become an extension of your credit department. If you are visiting our website reading this, we specialize within your industry. In addition to our premium services, we also provide invaluable sources of risk management benefits to our clientele. With our Industry-Specific in-house database, we know who you’re selling to, their history and situation. Oftentimes we will have relevant information on file that our competition and credit bureaus will not, along with positive, existing relationships with your customers. Having this in-house database, knowledge, and established relationships equates to a higher level of service than our competition.

While we understand your accounts receivable is one of the most substantial, yet perishable assets of your company, we are fully cognizant of the desire oftentimes for your company to continue your relationship with your customer despite the need for third party involvement. As our company motto is Maximum Collected and Goodwill Protected, we take great pride in professionally mending & sustaining relations between our clients and their customers by “bridging the gap” and ultimately strengthening and repairing the relationship between our clients and their customers. In fact, your customers welcome our contact and usually pay us quicker than their other vendors. Our specialty is recovering lost revenue without alienating your customers.

Our client base encompasses both domestic and international creditors. The cornerstone of our firm consists of professionalism, integrity, experience, technology, and listening…taking the time to understand the aspects and dynamics of your specific process and procedures. Our approach to your accounts receivable situation is a comprehensive evaluation of your specific needs and applying our proven methods of successful recovery.

Through innovation and professionalism, ADK makes your business our business. We become a vital extension of your credit department.

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