Professional Services

Free Demand Service

Upon client request, a ten-day demand letter is sent on ADK letterhead whereby you specify the ultimatum date for debtor payment. If payment is received within this period, there are no fees due ADK.

Settlement Negotiations

If a situation arises warranting settlement, our collectors are expert negotiators and will get the highest possible recovery.

Personal Collection Service

Immediate contact is made with your debtor. The day you place the claim contact is made. The approach our collector will take toward your claim will be our standard proven collection methods. If situations arise for proposed debtor settlements and other client response issues, the collector will immediately contact you via your preference: email, telephone, postal letters etc.

Soft Calls

Contact is made with your debtors under a very soft, "service bureau" type approach to stimulate immediate payment. This approach to your accounts receivable is highly customized to your specific situation, and in some instances, can strengthen the current relationship you have with your debtor (customer).

Acquisition Clean-Ups

When our clients inherit the accounts receivable portfolio of a company they've recently acquired, the entire aging portfolio of the acquired company is outsourced to ADK. These calls will be very tactful to collect immediate full payment.

Liquidation/Business Winding Down Clean-Ups

When a business is in the process of going out of business and fully winding down operations, the entire remaining accounts receivable portfolio of the company will be referred to ADK to maximize the recovery opportunity.

Legal Forwarding Service

In accordance with client authorization and instructions, ADK will forward accounts to bonded attorneys that specialize in debt collection. As a convenience, ADK will conduct all necessary communication and correspondence between client and attorneys. The attorneys are the agent of the client and are subject always to the clients' discretion and control. Client and attorney are free to communicate directly with one another always.

Skip Tracing

ADK will contact various sources, both local and national. We provide skiptracing services to identify, locate & assess the debtor. We use sources such as:

  • credit bureau reports
  • business, corporate and Secretary of State information
  • extensive public record data and filings, including but not limited to:
    • civil and criminal lawsuits
    • federal and state tax liens
    • judgments
    • prior and present bankruptcy filings
    • property ownership
  • in-house telephone/address database
  • database containing 100 million business and residential listings

We find that using our extensive skiptracing resources results in a higher percentage of net recovery to our clients.

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